The Center possesses a cryochamber consisting of two vestibules and the proper chamber where the treatment takes place at the temperature of ca. -110°C.

The treatment chamber is equipped with external emergency door with heated frame and a window with heated pane. For the safety of the treatment, the chamber is monitored and equipped with two-way communication system.

The basic indications for treatment in low temperatures are:

• all rheumatoid and rheumatic disorders of motor organs

• psoriatic arthritis, 

• periarthritis, 

• spondyloarthritis, 

• osteoporosis prevention, 

• joints and soft tissues injuries

• multiple sclerosis.

Additionally, low temperatures:

have positive influence upon immune system (higher immunity), 

produce pain relief effect,

• slow down ageing processes, 

are a perfect form of biological renewal (obesity),

• improve disposition (treatment of depression and insomnia),

• support cosmetic treatment (cellulites prevention).


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