BIODEX System 4

The Farmers' Rehabilitation Center KRUS NIWA in Kołobrzeg has the only set in our area and one of the few in Poland to evaluate and train dynamic muscles in passive motion, isomeric, isotonic, isokinetic, reactive eccentric work with the possibility of full archiving and exporting data for statistical analysis.

This system is used for objective assessment of muscle condition, strength and neuromuscular coordination. It allows objective observation and evaluation of rehabilitation and training progress, giving the possibility of proper therapy. The device has various modes of operation that allow you to work on a single specific muscle group responsible for a given movement in the joint. Thanks to this, you can focus on the initial phase of rehabilitation, which is very important in this process. The patient, after using the device, receives from us a description of the test, on which there are graphs showing the parameters of the examination or exercise being carried out. Thanks to the possibility of archiving research, there is the possibility of tracking the treatment, which allows it to document the rehabilitation very well. Each patient has a test both at the beginning and at the end of rehabilitation. This device provides the possibility of testing and rehabilitation in the areas of the shoulder, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints.


One-time BIODEX study for one person 100.00 PLN

If interested, please contact us at: 94 35 52 20 09 or 93 35 52 20 32

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