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Our catering offer includes meals served in the diner serving our guests in a two-shift system. Our guests are offered the pleasure to eat and fracture on dishes served in the spacious diner full of home atmosphere.

The served meals are characterized with the variety of tastes of traditional Polish cuisine and an attractive way of serving which we pay much attention to. The meals are prepared by experienced kitchen personnel and made from fresh products delivered by selected and tested suppliers.

We pay much attention to the aesthetics, hygiene, the way of serving and food decoration.

We prepare regular diet, light diet, and diabetes diet meals.

The regular and light diet includes three meals: breakfast, dinner, supper.

The diabetes diet consists of five meals: first breakfast, second breakfast, dinner, tea, supper.

Breakfasts and suppers are served in the form of varied buffet whereas dinners are served to the table.

The planning, preparation and serving of meals is supervised by qualified Nutrition Department personnel who make every effort to keep our guests fully satisfied with the served meals prepared according to the principles of sound nutrition.

Such approach, implemented HACCP system, ISO 9001:2000 standard, and following the recommendations from the National Sanitary and Epidemiology Inspection guarantees tasty and healthy meals.

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Jadalnia Niwa
Jadalnia Niwa
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